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Our Story

15 years ago it all started. With belief, passion and hard work the small team stuck together and never parted. It was the start of something special that would inspire, motivate and give hope to others GIBFIT.

10 years ago GIBFIT originated after Janine's collaboration with Jessica and Jose Exposito with their own successful fitness programmes Batuka and XT29. During all these years Janine also started to work with other programmes such us Kangoo Jumps, Batuka, Zumba, TRX, Gymstick, Step Aerodance, Personal Training, Piloxing and other programmes providing Healthy and Educational Fitness Classes to the local community

5 years ago Janine took a further step in her Fitness career by becoming an official Piloxing Master Trainer for Gibraltar and Spain travelling abroad certifying pupils. She also started to travel and represent Gibraltar at International Fitness Conventions becoming an International Fitness Presenter.

As a result of all the experiences GIBFIT established a close link and connection with a very exclusive Network of International Fitness Professionals across the world and for the past 4 years has worked in collaboration with Fernando Miranda (IdeasFitness Spain), Marijia Andrijasevic (Croatia, Adidas Ambassador) and Panos Balatsinos (Base Training Head Office, Greece) in a variety of Fitness and Education Events, sharing a common interest, passion and belief in Fitness and Health related exercise.

Our Philosophy

The belief :

That the most vauable possesion you have is your body, health and well-being.
That educating and empowering others is a life long experience which is our duty to provide.
Of the importance of moral values, respect, acceptance and understanding others.
Of understanding why you do what you do.....
Of enjoyment, fun and social interaction.
Of a non-prejudgemental training environment.
Of a healthy, clean and sustainable approach towards training.


The Base Training Club will provide you with all the challenges necessary to help you improve and develop yourself, adapt / change progressively your lifestyle in a Holistic approach. The professional and friendly environment will enable you to experience structured and organised training sessions/programmes always led by qualified instructors that will ensure a natural, safe and healthy progression of all your Fitness components/indications.

You will be able to access our on-line pre workout/class booking system which will allow you to plan your weekly training schedule based in your individual needs.

Base Training Club

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