Bungee Workout

Exclusive at
The Base Training Club Gibraltar

Try the new revolution in training. The Bungee Workout combines the latest training techniques utilsing bungee cords.
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The Bungee Workout (Adults) £10

This high-intensity, full body, workout has you floating weightlessly, dynamically bouncing freely in space, having so much fun that you’ll forget how much you sweat.

Join us and try this innovative way of getting fully into shape, working between the ground and the air. Breathe in a new form of freedom.

Intensive conditioning class for all levels. All levels are welcome.



Bungee Kids A new and fun way to move designed for kids ages 5 to 12. Kids will be taught different movements on the bungee and play fun and challenging games that will help develop body control and coordination.

JLet your child experience the feeling of flying, diving and more just like their favourite super heroe!

Limited Spaces!