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About Base Training Club

More than 10.000 people have been educated by Base Training through official workshops, educational events and international fitness seminars.

Base Training is an official recognized education and training center from the Greek National Department of Education.

For the past 7 years, Base Training, is a leading fitness institute in Greece, specialized in providing full education programs for fitness trainers, consultant services at the biggest fitness clubs, introducing new methods of training based on the latest research outcomes, especially in the medical area. Finally, it organizes, annually, innovative fitness conventions, which are usually overbooked.

It operates successfully in 4 Greek cities (Athens, Crete, Komotini, Larissa) and also internationally, having a complete department in Cyprus, too. The last 2 years, official fitness workshops have been held by Base Training in many European countries (e.g. Spain, Gibraltar, Bulgaria and Romania).

Having an official collaboration with the ACSM (American College of Sports & Medicine), our institute helps the fitness industry and the quality level of fitness in Greece by upgrading the fitness standards.

Base Training provides a complete programme of 2 years education in the following fields:

The area of specific expertise is health related exercise and standards, as well as sport performance training methods and protocols for athletes and fitness customers.

Our faculty has a multitudinous teaching team in personal and group training and it is proud of having most of them presenting in scientific conventions all over the world.

Most of the students that choose Base Training come from Medical, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Physical Education and Sports Science Universities.

Panos graduated the National University of health and fitness in 2002. Fitness professional since 1999. He owns and manages 5+ training clubs in Athens as well as the most respectful fitness academy in Greece called Base Training.He is an International fitness presenter and a teacher of the Bulgaria Fitness School.He represents exclusively in Greece the American College of Sports Medicine.

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  • sundayweekend
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